Co-ordinated Exhibition Services (COEX) is a Sydney based, Australian-owned company providing exhibition stands & tradeshow stands ….. and related services to exhibitors throughout Australia and all over the world. Find out how our services can enhance your displays and exhibits – contact us today.

  • Exhibit Design
  • Custom Built Exhibition Stands
  • Custom Rental Exhibition Stands
  • Logistics & Display Asset Management
  • Professional Project Management
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) display solutions

We’re innovators! We constantly strive to develop the best display and exhibition solutions, like the elevated platform pictured here! Click on the picture to zoom it larger, click on the green text below to view more information…..or you can view more pictures of this fabulous deck on our gallery: on the search page, select “2-storey stand” and click on any Find button.


We can store, service and produce display stands and complete projects to your requirements, whilst maintaining maximum efficiency and control. We’re knowledgeable, fair minded and fun to work with! Contact us now!